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Apple Push Notification Firewall Ports

January 30, 2013 Other

If you are writing an iOS application that needs to communication with the Apple APN (Apple Push Notification) servers, or if you are are an end user behind a strict firewall, the information below can be used to correctly configure the firewall rules to allow access.

Apple own the address block, so you should be safe to allow access to just that destination network.
Server side:
This applies if you are writing a app that needs to send push notifications to Apple’s push notification servers.

Port Protocol Description
2195 TCP Push notification services
2196 TCP Push notification feedback services

Client side:
The following ports will need to be allowed on your firewall to allow you to receive push notifications from Apple.

Port Protocol Description
5223 TCP Push notification data
443 TCP Fallback push notification data when port 5223 is blocked

According to the Apple documentation, iOS devices will try to use the cellular network first, and will only use wi-fi as a fallback.

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