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Mounting .bin / .cue files on Linux

Mounting .iso image files is easy under Linux, but unfortunately mounting .bin and .cue files requires a bit more work. First of all, you wont be able to directly mount .bin or .cue files. You will have to convert them to an .iso file first. Convert .bin and .cue files to an .iso image You can then mount the resulting .iso file. Mount CD / DVD .iso image files on Linux While it would be nice to be able to…

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Mount CD / DVD .iso image files on Linux

Instead of burning .iso images to CD’s or DVD’s all the time, under Linux you can mount the .iso files, and easily access the data within the image. This obviously wont help if you want to burn a bootable cd, but its very handy if you quickly need to access some files within the image, without burning a CD/DVD. Mounting a .iso image file: # mount /path/to/cdimage.iso /mnt/cdmount -o loop,ro Prefix the above command with “sudo” if you are not…

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