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Convert .bin and .cue files to an .iso image

To convert a .bin and .cue file combination into a iso image file in Linux, you need a handy tool called Binchunker. Most tools on Linux require a ISO image (mounting, extracting, etc), so .bin and .cue files will need to be converted first.

Install Binchunker:

$ sudo apt-get install bchunk

Convert the .bin and .cue combo to a .iso image:

$ bchunk cdimage.bin cdimage.cue output

This will create an iso file with the naming format of outputXX.iso, where XX is a number based on the track that is being exported. Eg. output01.iso for the first track.


$ bchunk cdimage.bin cdimage.cue output
binchunker for Unix, version 1.2.0 by Heikki Hannikainen 
        Created with the kind help of Bob Marietta ,
        partly based on his Pascal (Delphi) implementation.
        Support for MODE2/2352 ISO tracks thanks to input from
        Godmar Back , Colas Nahaboo 
        and Matthew Green .
        Released under the GNU GPL, version 2 or later (at your option).

Reading the CUE file:

Track  1: MODE1/2352    01 00:00:00

Writing tracks:

 1: output01.iso  550/550  MB  [********************] 100 %

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