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Generate random passwords on Ubuntu

The ‘makepasswd’ package on Ubuntu can be used to easily generate random passwords. This package is part of the Ubuntu repositories, however probably wont be installed by default. It also has the ability to generate MD5 hashes of the random passwords. Install makepasswd: $ sudo apt-get -y install makepasswd Generate a random password: You can now run makepasswd to generate a random password. $ makepasswd Example output: $ makepasswd 6HL5y9F9sC Generate 5 random passwords: $ makepasswd –count=5 Example output: $…

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Increase PHP Upload Limit on Ubuntu 13.04

A default installation of PHP and Apache on a Ubuntu 13.04 will set a maximum upload limit of 2MB. Quite often you will want to increase this to a larger size. How high you set this limit will depend on your requirements. This howto guide will step you through the process to increase the PHP upload limit.…

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Enable Apache Rewrite module on Ubuntu 13.04

By default, Ubuntu 13.04 doesn’t enable the rewrite engine module after installing Apache. The rewrite engine for Apache allows for on-the-fly URL rewriting/changing. This allows for the use of urls that are human readable, and SEO friendly. The rewrite engine is capable of capturing a website request, running it through a series of expression checks, and if a match is found, it will pass on the rewritten request to the web server. The end user would not notice anything different…

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Installing NGINX, PHP, and MySQL on Ubuntu 13.04

This “how to” guide will step you through the process of setting up Nginx, PHP, and MySQL on Ubuntu 13.04.…

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List all hard disks connected to a Ubuntu system

You often need to know what physical drives are attached to a system, how many drives are connected, or even what device names match up with which physical drive. Ubuntu comes with a handy tool called ‘lshw’ which is used to extract detailed information on the hardware in the PC. To view a listing of all disks in the system: $ sudo lshw -class disk -short This will list all disks and storage devices. This includes DVD drives, USB card…

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