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What is the whoopsie process and how can I stop it

January 2, 2013 Linux, Ubuntu

I recently came across a process on a Ubuntu installation by the name of “whoopsie”. I wasn’t sure what this was, or why it was running on the machine. Upon some investigation, I found that it’s the Ubuntu crash database submission daemon.
I had no need to submit error reports back to Ubuntu, so I set about disabling it. The steps below can be used to disable and or remove whoopsie from a Ubuntu system.
Disabling whoopsie:

$ sudo nano /etc/defaults/whoopsie

and set “report_crashes” to “false”.
You then need to stop the whoopsie service (or reboot).

$ sudo service whoopsie stop

Removing the whoopsie package completely:

$ sudo apt-get purge whoopsie

The whoopsie package will now be removed from the system.

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