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Common Cisco Router IOS Commands

The commands below show some of the more common day to day commands that you will use when configuring or diagnosing issues on a Cisco router that is running the IOS software. This can be used as a quick cheat sheet on the common basic commands. All these commands can be shortened to some extent. For example “show run” will actually execute the same as “show running-config”. enter privileged mode enable Show the current configuration show running-config Saving the config…

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Run VMware Workstation Virtual Machines in the Background

VMware Workstation is a great tool for running virtual machines on a desktop computer/laptop. It allows you to run virtualized operating systems on your PC without having to go to the effort of setting up dual boot scenarios, or can be great for testing something in a hurry. Usually you would open VMware workstation, and run the virtual machine, which in turn, will start running, showing you the output from the console of the virtual machine. This is great for…

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Microsoft are bringing SQL Server 2016 to Linux

Microsoft have just announced that they will be releasing a version of SQL Server 2016 for the Linux operating system. This is a welcome move away from Microsoft’s historical stance of not releasing software for open source operating systems. They are starting to embrace the open source community more and more, giving end users what they want. They even support Linux operating systems on their Azure cloud platform. Its only available in the form of an early private preview, with…

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Signature Images Missing in Outlook 2013

If you have recently installed or upgraded to Outlook 2013, and use html based signatures with images, you may have found that when you send an email using the signature, the recipient doesn’t get the images on their end. They just appear as a little red cross. Previous versions of Outlook would embed the images in the email, and the recipient would see them fine. In Outlook 2013 however, it now defaults to not embedding the signature images for some…

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OpenMediaVault Web GUI default username and password

If you come across a server running OpenMediaVault, and you aren’t sure what the web GUI password is, give the following a try, as this is the default username and password for OpenMediaVault. Username: admin
Password: openmediavault…

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