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Installing Newznab on Ubuntu

Ever wanted to run your own usenet search engine? This howto will go through the steps required to install the Newznab usenet indexer on Ubuntu. Ubuntu 12.04 was used for this guide, however all current versions of Ubuntu should be the same.…

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Create a new database in MySQL

This howto will outline the steps to create a new blank MySQL database.…

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Grant a MySQL user access to a database

If you have a existing MySQL user account that you want to grant permissions to for a specific database, this howto will outline the steps required.…

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Create a new user in MySQL

This howto outlines the steps to add a new user to MySQL, and grant the new user permissions on a specific database.…

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Adding users to a .htpasswd file for Nginx

This howto article shows you how to add a new user and password combination to a .htaccess file, for use with Nginx or another web server. While these commands below work great with Nginx, they aren’t limited to just being used with Nginx. It will work with Apache too, however the htpasswd tool that comes with Apache will probably make life easier.…

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