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List Folder and File Size and Sort By Size on Linux

A common requirement on any operating system is to be able to view the total size of a list of folders and files on the file system, and be able to sort the list by size. Generally this isn’t straight forward to do. The commands below can be used to do just that. Display folder sizes and sort in ascending order: $ du -sBM * | sort -n Example: $ du -sBM * | sort -n 0M man 1M etc…

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Apple Push Notification Firewall Ports

If you are writing an iOS application that needs to communication with the Apple APN (Apple Push Notification) servers, or if you are are an end user behind a strict firewall, the information below can be used to correctly configure the firewall rules to allow access.…

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Installing FreeNAS 8 to USB on Windows

This ‘how to’ guide will step you through the process of installing FreeNAS 8 to a USB memory stick using a Windows computer. This can be a handy too if you have a system that has crashed, and you just want to get it back up and running so you can copy files off of it. You can simply plug in a USB memory stick with FreeNAS installed to it, configure it to share out one or more of the…

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Change Exchange Smart Host Port Number

By default, an Exchange server will try and send emails to a smart host using port 25. Unfortunately, there is no option to change the port number within the Exchange Management Console. This howto guide will show you how to change this to a different port number. This will be done using the Exchange Management Shell.…

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Configure Exchange 2010 to use a Smart Host

This howto guide will step you through the process of setting up your Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server to send emails via a smart host. The use of a smart host can be useful when the Exchange server cant directly send emails to external mail server. This might be due to firewall rules, ISP filters, or DNS issues. Configuring Exchange 2010 to use a Smart Host when sending emails: Open up the Exchange Management Console. Once loaded, expand the options on…

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