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Windows Virtual Store Location

Since Windows Vista was released, Windows has had a security feature called the Virtual Store. Some legacy applications will try and read/write configuration files in a location that would require administrative privledges (eg. C:\program files\<application>). The Virtual Store is used to allow these applications to continue to be able to read/write files in this location (virtually), but they get stored in the Virtual Store. They just appear to virtually be under their original location. This happens transparently to the application.…

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Adding a Static Route in Windows

There may be times when you need to set up a static route in Windows to allow your PC to access a network that is not accessible via the default gateway route. An example of this would be if you had a inter office VPN. You would want your main internet traffic to go via a default gateway (your main cable/adsl router), and traffic destined for the subnet of the other office would go via the device managing the VPN…

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Kill a process from the command line on windows

There may be times when you want to close a process from the command line on a Windows machine. The ‘taskkill’ command allows you to kill processes/programs by process id or exe name (image name). You can do the same thing from the windows task manager, but sometimes this is not suitable. For example, if you have a number of Internet Explorer windows open, they will each run under their own process. If using the task manager, you have to…

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