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Common Cisco Router IOS Commands

The commands below show some of the more common day to day commands that you will use when configuring or diagnosing issues on a Cisco router that is running the IOS software. This can be used as a quick cheat sheet on the common basic commands. All these commands can be shortened to some extent. For example “show run” will actually execute the same as “show running-config”. enter privileged mode enable Show the current configuration show running-config Saving the config…

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Write m0n0wall image to CF card in Windows

This guide will outline how to write the m0n0wall embedded image to a compact flash card in windows. In this ‘how to’, I will be using the embedded-1.33.img image. Download the image file that suits your requirements from Download the physdiskwrite application from and extract it to the same folder that your m0n0wall image is saved in. Open a command prompt window. (Note: if you are using Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 2008, make sure you run the command prompt…

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