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IIS 7 Creating New Session When Switching to HTTPS

By default IIS 7 will generate a new session when accessing a site over a secure HTTPS connection. This can cause issues if you are switching between a HTTP and a HTTPS connection when dealing with a site that handles logged in users via sessions. Luckily this is a easy fix. Open up the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, and select the web site you wish to change the setting on: Open up the “ASP” feature: Expand the “Session Properties”…

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Restart a IIS7 Web Site via the Command Line

This guide shows you how to restart a specific IIS 7 web site from the command line. This can come in very handy if you need to automate restarting the site. IIS 7 includes a command line management tool called “appcmd.exe” which allows you do do a wide range of tasks, including stopping and starting specific websites. The “appcmd.exe” program isn’t in the ‘PATH’ environment variable, so you must run it from within the correct folder, or add the folder…

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Increase the IIS 6 maximum request length for ASP pages

A default installation of IIS 6 on a Windows machine (Server or workstation) will limit the maximum request size for ASP scripts to 200kb. This may not cause any issues for most users, however when you start to integrate file uploads and similar functions, you may find that you encounter this issue. A common ASP error that occurs when the limit is set too low is “‘ASP 0104 : 80004005′ Operation not Allowed”. Luckily this limit is easy to change,…

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