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Enable and Disable Triggers in Firebird

The Firebird database engine supports the use of Triggers on its tables. Triggers are basically a set of SQL scripts that can be executed when data in a table is either inserted, updated, or deleted. Sometimes you may want to temporarily disable a trigger without completely removing it. The steps to do this, and enable the trigger again, are outlined below. Disable Trigger: ALTER TRIGGER <trigger name> INACTIVE; Enable Trigger: ALTER TRIGGER <trigger name> ACTIVE; Replace <trigger name> with the…

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Installing Firebird From Source On Linux

This ‘How To’ article outlines the steps required to compile and install the Firebird database server on a Linux machine. Download the latest version of the source code from At the time of writing this article, the latest version was Replace the URL below with the latest version, or get the source code package onto the Linux machine with some other method. $ wget “″ Extract the downloaded package. $ tar xjvf Firebird- The file list will flow…

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