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Backup Microsoft SQL Database Using T-SQL

This guide will show you how to backup a Microsoft SQL database using T-SQL commands rather than using the wizards in SQL Management Studio. This has the added benefit of being able to be scripted if needed. Backing up a Microsoft SQL database: BACKUP DATABASE [database_name] TO DISK=’c:\path\to\backup\file.bak’ Replace ‘database_name’ with the name of the database you want to backup. Eg: BACKUP DATABASE [testing] TO DISK=’C:\temp\testing.bak’ Sample output: Processed 312 pages for database ‘testing’, file ‘Testing’ on file 1. Processed…

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Backup MySQL Database on Linux

This howto guide will step you through how to backup a MySQL database using the MySQL client command line tools on a Linux machine. Backing up databases should be done regularly to prevent any data loss due to disk crashes, data corruption, accidental deletion, etc. The more use the database gets, the more regularly the backups should be done. Backing up a MySQL database: To backup a MySQL database to a plain text file, run the following command: $ mysqldump…

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