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Installing Slax to USB on Windows

Slax is a great LiveCD linux distribution based on Slackware that fits in your pocket. One of the great features is the modular approach that is used for the packages, which are known as modules in Slax. Got a small USB stick that you no longer use? Put Slax on it. This guide shows you how to install Slax linux to a USB memory stick. Download and Extract: Download the .tar version (also may be labeled as the USB version)…

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Display Total Folder Size with PowerShell and Sort by Size

The PowerShell command below can be used to display a list containing the total size (in MB) of all the files and folders (recursively) in the current directory, and sort them by total size. ls -Force | Add-Member -Force -Passthru -Type ScriptProperty -Name Length -Value {ls $this -Recurse -Force | Measure -Sum Length | Select -Expand Sum } | Sort-Object Length -Descending | Format-Table @{label=”TotalSize (MB)”;expression={[Math]::Truncate($_.Length / 1MB)};width=14}, @{label=”Mode”;expression={$_.Mode};width=8}, Name Sample Output: TotalSize (MB) Mode Name ————– —- —- 26499…

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PowerShell Command to Recursively Delete Thumbs.db

The PowerShell command below can be used to remove thumbs.db files from the current folder, and all sub folders. Make sure you change directory ‘cd’ into the folder you want the command to run from. Get-ChildItem -Path . -Include Thumbs.db -Recurse -Name -Force | Remove-Item -Force You can change the ‘-Include’ parameter to any wildcard you like, such as *.tmp or *.bak for example. Get-ChildItem -Path . -Include *.tmp -Recurse -Name -Force | Remove-Item -Force Remove the ‘Remove-Item’ statement to…

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IIS 7 Creating New Session When Switching to HTTPS

By default IIS 7 will generate a new session when accessing a site over a secure HTTPS connection. This can cause issues if you are switching between a HTTP and a HTTPS connection when dealing with a site that handles logged in users via sessions. Luckily this is a easy fix. Open up the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, and select the web site you wish to change the setting on: Open up the “ASP” feature: Expand the “Session Properties”…

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Restart a IIS7 Web Site via the Command Line

This guide shows you how to restart a specific IIS 7 web site from the command line. This can come in very handy if you need to automate restarting the site. IIS 7 includes a command line management tool called “appcmd.exe” which allows you do do a wide range of tasks, including stopping and starting specific websites. The “appcmd.exe” program isn’t in the ‘PATH’ environment variable, so you must run it from within the correct folder, or add the folder…

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