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Disable UAC on Windows 7

UAC (which stands for User Access Control) is a feature that was introduced with Windows Vista, and has been carried through into Windows 7. It provides a security layer between applications, and the system, so that unwanted applications cant simply cause havoc with system software/settings without the user authorizing it. A lot of legacy applications may not handle UAC very well at all, and in some situations, the only option you will have is to completely disable UAC. This guide…

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Enable Remote Desktop access on Windows 7

Windows 7 provides an easy to use remote access feature called Remote Desktop. In the past this type of feature was the realm of Terminal Services servers, but lately it is getting wide use on the workstation scene. Whether you are wanting to access your desktop from another PC in the house, or remotely connecting into your home PC from the internet (after changing firewall/router rules), the remote desktop feature does the job perfectly. Click the start button. Depending on…

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