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Synchronize the time on Ubuntu from a NTP Server

To synchronize the time on a Ubuntu computer, with the time from a NTP server, you can simply run the following command: sudo ntpdate Replace “” with your NTP time server of choice. Example output: $ sudo ntpdate 1 Jul 00:50:12 ntpdate[31843]: adjust time server offset -0.001309 sec $ Your time will now be synchronized to the time from the NTP server. You can put this in a cron job to periodically update the time, to ensure…

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Update time from network time server on Linux

To update the time on a Linux installation, simply run the following command: $ sudo ntpdate <time server address> Replacing <time server address> with a valid NTP time server address. eg: $ sudo ntpdate If you only want to query the time, without updating your system, use the following command: $ ntpdate -q To update the time, without outputting any log information to standard output (handy for a cron job), use the following command: $ sudo ntpdate -s…

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