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How To Disable root Logins Over SSH on CentOS

Most Linux distributions allow the root user to connect in via SSH, and CentOS is no exception. It is recommended that root logins are never used, and you should use either su or sudo to elevate the permissions of a normal user account. As such, the best option is to disable root logins in the SSH server configuration file. Note: these commands should be run as a user with root privileges (sudo or su), or from the console as root.…

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How To Disable root Logins Over SSH on Ubuntu

Most Linux distributions allow the root user to connect in via SSH, however if you try to connect into Ubuntu as root after a default install, you will find that you wont be able to get in. While it may look like the root account is not permitted to login, it is just because that the root account doesn’t have a password set. If you end up setting a password on the root account for some reason, you will be…

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Enable SSH on VMWare ESXi 5 (vSphere 5)

VMWare ESXi/vSphere 5 has the option to accept SSH connections to the server, to allow access to the file system of the server itself. By default SSH is disabled, and its not the easiest setting to find if you do need to enable it. This guide will show you how to enable the SSH server. Load up the vSphere client, and connect to the ESX/ESXi/vSphere host machine you wish to enable SSH on. Make sure the actual VMWare server machine…

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Enable SSH Access on VMware ESXi 4 (vSphere)

After installing VMware ESXi 4 (otherwise known as VMware vSphere), you will find that there doesn’t seem to be a method to actually get into the system, and edit any configuration files. All the configuration should be done via the VMware vSphere Client, vCenter, or another VMware utility, but sometimes there might be times where the only option is to get dirty, and edit configuration files manally. Thankfully ESXi/vSphere provides the ability to do it, however they call it “Tech…

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