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Advanced .PAC proxy auto config file example

The following example pac proxy auto config file will allow you to bypass the proxy server for all local IP addresses, and also set exclusions on specific domain names.   For information on what a PAC file is, please check out:   What is a .pac proxy auto config file     Advanced .PAC proxy auto config file example:   function FindProxyForURL(url, host) { var ProxyServer = “PROXY; DIRECT”; //Proxy server to use for HTTP/HTTPS. //var ProxyServer = “PROXY…

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What is a .pac proxy auto config file

A .pac (Proxy Auto Config) file is a file stored on a web server that contains instructions for the browser, to help automate the proxy server setting configuration in a web browser. The .pac proxy configuration file contains JavaScript code, and must contain one function called FindProxyForURL. This function accepts two parameters, a URL, and a Hostname. This function returns either “DIRECT” to tell the client to connect to the web server without using a proxy, or “PROXY” followed by…

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