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Install the dig DNS lookup utility on CentOS

The dig DNS lookup utility is a handy tool for performing DNS queries. The dig utility is part of the bind utilities package in CentOS. The following command can be used to install dig. Install dig (the bind-utils package): # yum install bind-utils Note: Make sure you run the above command as a user with root privledges. You should now be able to use dig to perform DNS lookups. See ‘man dig’ for more information.…

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Check the reverse dns hostname for a IP on Linux

This guide will step you through how to take an IP address, and find out what its reverse dns host name is. This is useful for checking mail server DNS setup, etc. The DNS system works two ways. It is used to convert host names to IP addresses, but it can also convert IP addresses to host names. Two handy programs to perform DNS queries on Linux are ‘dig’ and ‘host’. If either of these aren’t installed on your system,…

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