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ATI card non-POSTed error when booting OSX86

If you have just installed OSX86, you may find that when you reboot, OSX will just not load. You can usually edit the start up parameters from the boot screen, and select to boot with -x for safe mode, and -v for verbose mode. If your PC has an ATI graphics card, you may get the following error message: ATI card non-POSTed, reading VBIOS from PCI ROM @0×0 To potentially resolve this issue, reboot again, and at the boot screen,…

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boot0: error after installing osx86

If you have just tried to install a copy of OSX86, upon rebooting, you may just get a black screen with the following error in the top left corner: boot0: error One of the more common reasons for this is because the OSX86 installation was done to a extended partition, instead of a primary partition. OSX86 must be installed on a primary partition for it to boot correctly. Use a partitioning tool such as GParted Live CD (available from…

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