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Restart a IIS7 Web Site via the Command Line

This guide shows you how to restart a specific IIS 7 web site from the command line. This can come in very handy if you need to automate restarting the site. IIS 7 includes a command line management tool called “appcmd.exe” which allows you do do a wide range of tasks, including stopping and starting specific websites. The “appcmd.exe” program isn’t in the ‘PATH’ environment variable, so you must run it from within the correct folder, or add the folder…

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Kill a process from the command line on windows

There may be times when you want to close a process from the command line on a Windows machine. The ‘taskkill’ command allows you to kill processes/programs by process id or exe name (image name). You can do the same thing from the windows task manager, but sometimes this is not suitable. For example, if you have a number of Internet Explorer windows open, they will each run under their own process. If using the task manager, you have to…

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Changing the DPI setting in Windows XP

If you have your display’s DPI (Dots Per square Inch) setting set to something greater than 96 DPI (which is the default) in Windows XP, you may find that some applications don’t display text/form elements correct, and may get cut off the screen. Changing the DPI back to 96, and rebooting, should fix this issue in most scenarios. Having a larger DPI setting means the fonts and form elements will be larger, so it can assist if you have trouble…

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Software RAID1 Mirroring on Windows 2008

If you don’t have a RAID add-on card (or have RAID capabilities on your motherboard), but you would still like to have some level of redundancy due to hard disk failure, you can set up a software RAID1 array. RAID1, otherwise known as mirroring, simply duplicates all writes to one drive, to another. If one drive fails, you can simply recover using the other. This is done at a low level, so you wont see two drive letters in windows.…

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Task Scheduler Error Code 0x8007010B

When setting up a scheduled task under Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 2008, if you dont specify the correct value in the “run in” field, you will receive an return error code of 0x8007010B when trying to run the job. This might be due to a typo, but it is most likely due to having quotation marks around the folder path. In the “Start in” field, quotation marks are NOT valid characters, even though they are valid in the…

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