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Burn an ISO image from the Linux command line

Ever been stuck with no CD/DVD burner in a desktop PC, and the only one nearby is in a headless Linux server? The good news is you can SSH into the server and remotely write an ISO file to a CD or DVD. The package you need to be able to do this is called “wodim” (write optical disk media). The wodim package is used to record data or audio Compact Discs on an Orange Book CD-Recorder or to write…

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Enable Apache Rewrite module on Ubuntu 10.04

By default, Ubuntu 10.04 doesn’t enable the rewrite engine module after installing Apache. The rewrite engine for Apache allows for on-the-fly URL rewriting/changing. This allows for the use of urls that are human readable, and SEO friendly. The rewrite engine is capable of capturing a website request, running it through a series of expression checks, and if a match is found, it will pass on the rewritten request to the web server. The end user would not notice anything different…

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