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Increase PHP Upload Limit on Ubuntu 12.04

A default installation of PHP and Apache on a Ubuntu 12.04 will set a maximum upload limit of 2MB. Quite often you will want to increase this to a larger size. How high you set this limit will depend on your requirements. This howto guide will step you through the process to increase the PHP upload limit.…

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Varnish with Multiple Backends

Varnish has the ability to reverse proxy to multiple backend servers if needed. This howto guide outlines the configuration settings needed to redirect requests to different backends. In our example, we have a web application backend (referenced to as “webapp”), and also a separate backend that just contains static content such as images, javascript, style sheets, etc. The static backend is just referenced as “static”. Both are running on port 8080.…

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Add New Drive to LVM Array on Ubuntu

This howto guide will go through the process of adding a new drive to a LVM array.…

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Remove Disk from LVM Array on Ubuntu

This howto guide will go through the process of moving data off a disk in a LVM array, so it can be physically removed from the system.…

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What is the whoopsie process and how can I stop it

I recently came across a process on a Ubuntu installation by the name of “whoopsie”. I wasn’t sure what this was, or why it was running on the machine. Upon some investigation, I found that it’s the Ubuntu crash database submission daemon. I had no need to submit error reports back to Ubuntu, so I set about disabling it. The steps below can be used to disable and or remove whoopsie from a Ubuntu system. Disabling whoopsie: $ sudo nano…

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