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Add New Drive to LVM Array on Ubuntu

This howto guide will go through the process of adding a new drive to a LVM array.…

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Remove Disk from LVM Array on Ubuntu

This howto guide will go through the process of moving data off a disk in a LVM array, so it can be physically removed from the system.…

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What is the whoopsie process and how can I stop it

I recently came across a process on a Ubuntu installation by the name of “whoopsie”. I wasn’t sure what this was, or why it was running on the machine. Upon some investigation, I found that it’s the Ubuntu crash database submission daemon. I had no need to submit error reports back to Ubuntu, so I set about disabling it. The steps below can be used to disable and or remove whoopsie from a Ubuntu system. Disabling whoopsie: $ sudo nano…

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Allowing remote connections to a MySQL server

A default installation of MySQL server on a Linux machine will only listen for connections on the local interface (localhost or, so any remote connections can not be established. This how to article outlines the steps to change the configuration to listen on a specific, or all interfaces on the machine.…

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Installing Newznab on Ubuntu

Ever wanted to run your own usenet search engine? This howto will go through the steps required to install the Newznab usenet indexer on Ubuntu. Ubuntu 12.04 was used for this guide, however all current versions of Ubuntu should be the same.…

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