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Updating CentOS with the YUM package manager

Updating the software running on a operating system is an important part of maintaining a computer. Not only does it allow you to keep up to date with the latest features in the applications you use, it is also crucial to keep your system as secure as possible. The YUM (Yellowdog Updater Modified) package management tools makes installing/updating/removing packages extremely simple. Run the one of the following command to update all packages: If logged in as root: # yum update…

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Setting a static IP address in CentOS

During a default install of CentOS it will try to either automatically obtain an IP address using DHCP, or it wont even set up the network interface automatically. While that may be fine for most desktop users, if you are wanting to set up a server, the chances are you will be wanting it to always have the same IP address. There are two options for ensuring you get/use the same IP address at every boot. You could set up…

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